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Is it legal for online retailers to sell prescription eyeglasses?

I've been shopping around for a decently priced pair of glasses, but my husband was wondering how safe it is to buy prescription glasses if no one is fitting them for me.
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  • Theresa M


    Online selling is legal, but if the product is substandard then selling it is illegal. You should know your dimensions well and ask the seller about it when buying your glasses online.
  • Caspar


    Of course, it is legal. Nowadays, shopping online is most popular and becomes an important part in our daily life. You can buy anything online, let along eyeglasses. Moreover, you can find almost a lot of eyeglasses with high quality and decent price online. Here I kindly suggest you to try
  • Lily


    Yes it is legal for you to attempt to buy prescription glasses online, as long as you have a valid RX, it's usually a lot cheaper to buy online. get the exam for the optometrist, but buy the lenses or glasses from the cheapest source.