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Who makes persol sunglasses?

Do you know who makes persol sunglasses? Are they good?
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  • walker


    it is first made in Italy brand, with all the natural values craftman of the best in Italian.The most characteristic aspects of Persol design have derived from its details. Persol sunglasses is now a timeless icon of elegance and allure, with the silver screen era of a bygone Hollywood firmly in its DNA. Its history of celebrity fans has included many famous stars.
  • gary


    Well, first, you should know that this kind of sunglasses is made by Giuseppe ratti. Also, you maybe have heard them from other people. Persol sunglasses are made in Italy and you should know that persol eyeglasses are now famous for their excellent quality and durable eyeglasses and sunglasses. A small silver arrow is the trademark of this company and this symbol can be seen on all of its products. It is not just a normal brand, but also a luxury brand and many famous celebrities have been seen donning a pair of persol eyeglasses. Because they are a kind of luxury, their prices will not be cheap. So if you want to buy them, I will suggest you go to the online shop, which can be cheaper than the real ones. For example, you can link to They can cost you about 280 dollars. But if you like it, it will be worth the money.
  • David

    11/13/2012 is the official website of persol sunglasses, and it is also a great site. Giuseppe Ratti, photographer and owner of Berry Opticians, designed persol sunglasses to satisfy pilots and sports drivers who required comfort, protection and optimum vision in 1917. And if you find "made in China" on persol sunglasses, you are looking at a fake. Persol glasses have Persol made in Italy on the arm.

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