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How do you give yourself a black eye without hurting yourself?

How can I get a black eye without hurting myself? My parents ask me to take care of my sister. She often wants to go out. I don't want to go out with her. So I want to give myself a black eye then I won't need to go out with her anymore.
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  • Lugh Nasadh


    What makes you think a black eye will give you an excuse for not looking after your sister? BTW injuring your eye, i.e. A black eye IS an injury, can damage your eye, cost your vision, cause a concussion (possible brain damage) and a hit to the bridge of the nose can potentially KILL by driving bone into your brain. As for "blunt force trauma": seriously? Come on, seriously? That can kill too. Just help out with your sister. It won't last forever. It is said that it is better to remain silent and have someone think you stupid than to "open your mouth" and PROVE it, Caroline.
  • Kristin


    Ha-ha. Once I got a black eye on my way home. I drank too much alcohol at the night and I bump my head in a tree. My friends send me home. I found that I had a black eye the next day morning when I washed my face in front of a mirror. But you are just a kid. I think nobody will allow you to drink. So I suggest you to invite some friend to play with your sister in the house. Or you can tell your parents that you don't want to play with your sister in the outside and ask them for some good ideas. Good luck!
  • warren


    Dear friend, you can run into a big tree and then you will get a black eye few hours later or in the next day morning. I promise you that this will just hurt for a moment and the pain will not last for more than half an hour. Or you can challenge the guy you dislike very much and have a fight with him. Then you may get a black eye and other bruise in other parts of your body. Hope this helped!
  • eomer_byrom


    Oh, you are crazy. I don't know how to get a real black eye without getting too much pain. But you can try this. You can paint the skin around your eyes with the mixture of brown, purple and a little black. And then paint it with a tinge of red. Yes, it means you can use makeup to get a black eye. But if your parents found out what you have done, maybe they will give you a real black eye for instead. Good luck!
  • Shelby


    From my experience I know that hitting our eye won't give us a black eye. And hitting the eyes may cause damage to our eyes. But I heard that the best way to get a black eye is through a blunt force trauma to the bridge of our nose. Maybe this will give us a black eye and plus one for free. But I hope you won't do this because bruise is the blood around the eyes and this means you've already done yourself harm. Be careful!
  • Erin rupert


    Some people may think that they have to punch themselves to get a black eyes. In fact, there is another way to get a black eyes-eye makeup. It can give you a black eyes without any hurt for the eyes. It is very easy. You can first use black eye pencil around the entire eye socket. Then, cover the "black" eyes with dark purple eyeshadow. At last, apply some red eyeshadow or lipstick around on the socket. Then, you can have a "black" eyes.
  • erickie6


    I think a black eye is an injury around our eyes. Of course it hurt when we get a black eye. If you get a punch on your eyes, you may definitely get a black eye. You can ask someone to do this for you. And other kinds of physical trauma will cause hematoma around your eye too.
  • walkbyfth


    Dear friend, you can play with your friend in the outside. I suggest you to play basketballs with them because I often get black eyes when I play basketballs with others. Sometimes I will hurt other people by head and elbows but sometimes I will get black eyes after hitting by other's head. It is really a great force. And it hurt. But usually this will not cause great damages to our eyes. But if you're a current glasses user, I would suggest you to take off your glasses for glasses may cause damage to our eyes in sports activities.
  • evelyn


    Kid, you can hide in the back of the door and wait for your parents to open the door. You just need to position your eyes right behind the door knob. The knob will hit your eyes when your parents open the door. But you'd better know the force your parents often applied on the door when they want to open it. If it is too great, you'd better position your eyes in a far distance. If it is too small, you need to position your eyes in a shorter distance. Good luck!
  • manny


    I think the best way to get a black eye is make up, if you don't make up usually, you can reference in this page,, and I hope to help you