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How to relieve dark circles, edema and wrinkles under your eyes that caused by anxiety ?

I often suffer from great anxiety. I can't sleep well in the night. I have dark circles, edema and wrinkles under my eyes. Can you tell me how to relieve dark circle, edema and wrinkles?
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  • crystaljade


    Sweetie, you can try this. Relax yourself before going to bed. I heard that bananas can help reduce our pressure. I tried that. It works. So I suggest you to have a try. Or you can do yoga in the evening before going to sleep. I tried that with my roommates when I was a college student. I think it is helpful. After doing that, you may need to have a hot water shower before going to sleep. Good luck!
  • everetthol


    You may need to find out the causes of your anxiety and try to reduce your anxiety. If you are worrying about work, you may need to do it carefully and avoid making mistakes. I heard my friend said that she had a bad dream last night. She lost her job for no reason. Of course this happened in her dream. But I think maybe she is worrying about her job at this moment. Anxieties will affect our sleeping and lead to various eye skin problems such as dark circle, edema and wrinkles. Another way to get rid of these problems is to turn to cosmetics. Hope this helped!