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Melanie smith


How to make your eyes less red after smoking without eye drops?

I am a heavy smoker and I often need to work at night. I often get red eyes. So I wondering whether you can give me some suggestions to help get rid of red eyes after smoking. I don't want to use eye drops for I hear that it have side effect on my eyes.
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  • Vanessa


    I often use Visine A.C. drops for my red eyes. I think it is the best over-the-counter red-eye remover. I don't know why it will cause side effect on your eyes. I just heard that eye drops can contract the blood vessels in our eyes and make the whites of our eyes whiter. It can only remove the red appearance but can't help with an inflammation. You can use ice cubes for instead to treat with your red eyes. You just need to lie down and put a piece of ice on your closed eyes. Hope this helped!
  • Joseph campbell


    Eye drops are designed to help with many eye problems. Usually medicines will have some side effects on our body. But if they can help solve our problems, many people will choose them. I'd like to tell you that why your eyes will turn red after smoking. Delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol or any active Cannabinoids in the smoking weed will stimulate the brain and brain receptors will produce counter-chemicals which can increase the heart rate. The capillaries in your eyes will expand and dilate. Visine Advanced Relief can help with your red eyes at this moment. Or you can use chilled cucumber slices or tea bags to treat with your irritated eyes. Hope this helped!
  • Mariah


    Hi, sweetie, here! You can drink lots of water before and after smoking. Plenty of waters can increase the circulations of our blood and lubricate our eyes at the same time. Or you can apply some artificial tears to lubricate your eyes. This will help a little with your red eyes and make you feel a little better. But this can help cure your red eyes. Good luck!
  • Holly


    Dear friend, I found some answers for you in the internet. I think they are informative and useful. You can choose some ways suggested by the different people and have a try. Most of them are home remedies for red eyes in our daily lives so they may not have any side effect on your eyes. The name of the article is How can I get rid of red eyes without eye drops?