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Why do my eyes keep watering when I have a cold?

I have a bad cold. And I have watery eyes all day long. Why do my eyes keep watering when I have a cold?
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  • chokeyourthroat


    Dear friend, if the cold was caused by a virus, the virus may affect your eyes and lead to an eye infection. Your eyes will produce too many tears to fight against the inflammation. You can use eye drops to treat with your infections at the same time your treat with your cold. Or maybe there is an ulcer in your eyelid. You can check your eyes to see whether there are some ulcers or not. Usually it is not easy to spot an ulcer, so you may need to seek help from an eye doctor as soon as possible. If you have an ulcer, you can treat it with antibiotic drops.
  • canttouchthis90


    When you have a cold, you may suffer from some problems in the drainage system. There are punctums which locate at the corner of your eye nearest your nose. The upper and lower eyelids both have punctums. If there is a blockage in the punctum caused by a cold, the hole may get blocked with gunge. You may suffer from watery eyes at this time.