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What to wear with brown sunglasses?

I just bought a pair of brown sunglasses and it is really good. I am thinking about how can i dress to match my new sunglasses. Any good idea?
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  • Samuel hill


    Since you have worn brown sunglasses, I will suggest you dress clothes which are in dark colors. For example, you can just wear black suit. In my opinion, maybe it will be attractive for you. Nowadays, there are many people who wear brown sunglasses dress dark. Anyway, it is a principle that dark sunglasses are going with dark dress. Besides, you also should pay attention to the shoes you wear.
  • lova


    This is totally depending on yourself. Brown sunglasses belongs to dark colored sunglasses and can be easy matched for a cool look. The brown sunglasses can match almost anything. So, put on your clothes as usually as you do. By the way, you shall try to form your own appreciation and style of beauty and needn't follow others.
  • chopperkriss


    In my opinion, the brown sunglasses will be matched with many kinds of clothing. The white and black clothing will be suitable. If you want to wear a little colorful and fashionable, the red clothing and the brown sunglasses will be a great combination to show the fashion in color.
  • May Yong


    I think brown sunglasses can be matched with a lot of clothes, and the key is that what style you want. If you choose some clothes in light warm colors, you maybe show a professional impression. While matching with dark color may make people feel "less accessible" and lead a sense of distance. And you will look young and fashion when you match brown sunglasses with some vogue clothes. It would make you show a more fashion style if you wear a pair of boots at the same time. Certainly, vivid color clothes are also OK and matching like this can bring you good mood.

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