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Paul Hathone


Does raw steak really help a black eye?

Does putting raw steak help to cure a black eye. I've just heard about it so I'm just curious but never do it.
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  • enycelilmamii


    No, you should do that. I have to tell you that putting a steak on a black eye does not help the black eye to heal in any way, but do harm to your eyes. In other words, it can be dangerous. As we know that the steak is raw and potentially to have many hostile bacteria which can make your eyes infected easily. Putting such a thing onto cracked or open skin can be harmful to your health. Eyes are very sensitive to many dirty things, so you should be careful about it. If you want to heal the black eyes, maybe you can put some ices on the eyes. I think it can effective.
  • Mackenzie raphael


    Eating the raw steak will help a lot for the recovery of black eyes which may be caused by the strong knock. The materials in the raw steak may stimulate the blood circulation inner the body, which will be good for the recovery of black eyes. The fast blood circulation will let the black eyes get release.
  • manny


    No, raw steak doesn't help a black eye. People used to believe that apply raw steak on our eyes is better than ice cake in term of black eyes. That doesn't make sense. Using a raw steak or ice cake doesn’t make differences. Compared with ice cake, raw steak can make you feel cooler and a little more stressful. Moreover, there are a lot of bacteria in raw steak. I am afraid that if you put raw steak in order to cure a black eye, it will make things worse as bacteria may damage your eyes and cause problems. So I don't think raw steak will help to cure a black eye.