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How to clean rimless eyeglasses?

My glasses is rimless and kind of dirty now. How can i clean it without scratching it. You know, rimless glasses are fragile.
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  • evilbunny1369


    It is the same as you do to your other regular eyeglasses. Just take it easy. Soak your rimless eyeglasses into clean water and then use some mild soap water with eyeglasses clothes to rub the eyeglasses include frames and lenses till them clean. Then, wash out the soap water with clean water. And then dry the eyeglasses totally with eyeglasses clothes.
  • Cassidy campbell


    Well, it is kind of difficult to clean the rimless glasses because they are so fragile that they can be destroyed easily. But there are many things you can do. First, you should lay your glasses flat on a soft place. and then apply slight but even pressure against the area or areas that are out of order. When you are applying pressure, it is essential to make sure that you don't make any force on the lenses, or you will destroy them. This is the most important part you should do. Finally, you can just spray some resolution on the lenses to clean them. By the way, you should be very carefully and wash your hand cleanly.


    You can just use the clean water to wash the eyeglasses. Then use the cloth to dry it. You should not use the toothbrush to clean the lenses which may scratch them. Yeah, the rimless glasses are fragile. You should be careful when washing it. If there is oil on the lenses, you could use the little cleaning agent to wash it.
  • Randy C


    Though the rimless frame is fragile, there still has some way to clean it. You need to care it and does it gentle, it would be washed by clean water. It's simple to clean the glasses, washing it with clean water after wearing. Then softly wipe the water which remain in the glasses, put it in a ventilated place to blow dry. If there’s some oil stain attached in the lenses, apply a little drop of liquid soap and use water to wash after it, which will be ok to get rid of it. But please pay attention that the dry cloth can not use to rub the surface of lenses as well as the frame to prevent from scratch and the increasing of blur area. Make sure the glasses are put in the shade and cool place other than under the blazing sun for quite a long time for the sake of deformation possibility. The resin lenses of sunglasses are not so durable, so the method of water washing is better than cloth rubbing. Thus the lenses would be clean and the scratching will be effectively avoided.

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