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How much is the average cost of glasses at pearle vision?

There are so many places that sell glasses. Actually i plan to buy new glasses and i am thinking about pearle vision. Do you guys know the average price of glasses at pearle vision? Are these glasses affordable?
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  • Trinity hill


    The average price of glasses at pearle vision is about $ 110 which is affordable to most people. And the quality of eyeglasses there is good that can be worn for many years. And the design is so fashionable which attract a lot of people. And the delivery time is short.
  • Kimberly Y


    While prices vary by location. As far as i know the approximate average cost of the Transitions Single-Vision Lens including anti-reflective coating is $415. This is only for your reference, you can estimate the price of your glasses depend on your request. No offense, if your salary is above $3000, i think the glasses are affordable.
  • Nicholas carter


    I don't think they are affordable at pearle vision. I saw it online somewhere. The said that the average cost of eyeglasses at Pearle Vision is around $228. It seems they are more expensive than eyeglasses than LensCrafters and Costco Optical etc. If you want to get cheap and good eyeglasses, you try go where you can get eyeglasses less than $100. Good luck.
  • Werner


    Well, as you know, Pearle vision is a good place full of different glasses of various types and prices. You can find almost everything you want here. As far as I know, a simple pair of glasses , plus the lenses, will cost you about 100 to 150 dollars. So, actually, they are surely affordable to all of us right? But it all depends on your specific needs right? Hope you get what you want at a bargain price.