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Does eating weed cookies make your eyes red?

Is eating weed cookies bad for our eye? Can eating them cause my eyes get red?
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  • cwalsman


    Eating weed cookies is not bad for your eyes. Your red eyes must be caused by the sensitive character. The materials in the weed cookies stimulate your throat and come into your eye nerves. Then your eye glands system is stimulated and gets watering. The last symptom is your red eyes.
  • Armand


    Are you kidding? Eat cookies will damage your eyes? Sounds strange! Even the cookies are made of weed, but you are not the rabbits, ok? However, from some recently studies, sweet food will develop the myopia, because the metabolism process will need a lot of vitamin B1 which is the necessary nutrient of eyes. The garlic and stimulated food such as pepper, onion, ginger etc. are also bad to your eyes when you have sore eyes. And the other hand, the green vegetables and carrot, spinach, celery, broccoli, sesame, such fresh plants product will be good for your eyes. More water and more relax will also help with your eyes to get better. The myopia and sore eyes are none of the business of the red eyes, so it is no need to worry about it. Eat some healthy and natural food such as fruit and vegetables other than sweet cookies will bring a lot of favor to your eyes.
  • Jacqueline


    Oh, I am sorry to hear that you are addicted to such kind of things. Personally speakng, being obssessed with them is greatly harmful to your health, including your eyes, since eyes are part of your body right? So of course it would do bad to your eyes, making them red and etc. Sometimes the symptoms could be much more frightening. So my advice for you is to give it up and find some substitutes for it. Really bad though.