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How long before i can go back to work with pink eye?

I got pink eyes, and stay at home right now. How long will i wait to go back to work?
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  • Charley


    Of course, it varies from person to person, so we need more detail according to the different situations to make different judgments. Usually, one week can be OK. However, even if you never feel the pain again and the eyes not turn to be red, you should still be on the alert, because you still have the possibility of infected with pink eyes. The treatment of it needs a lot of time and energy. Wish you recover at an early date.
  • Isabel fergus


    It is suggested to go back to work one week after all the symptoms are gone. During the period of recovery, you shall take good care of yourself. Do not too much eat to much spicy food they may promote inflammation and delay the recovery. Additionally, alcohol, seafood, onion and garlic are all spicy food. Do not try to separate your eyes by covering them up. It will raise temperature and moisture of eyes and improve the generation of bacteria so as to aggressive the situation. Do no share your towel with other people so as to prevent cross infection and give pink eyes to others. After all symptoms are gone and check with your doctor, you may go back to work in one week. After go back to work, you shall still attach much importance on your eyes. In order to avoid pink eyes occur repeatedly, use eye-drops frequently and do rub your eyes with dirty hand.
  • giles


    Usually the pink eyes will recovery very soon as one week to ten days if you treat it in a right way. Pink eye is the common name of the disease infectious conjunctivitis. It is an acute infectious eye inflammation which possibly infected through articles contacts of patients, including used towels, door knobs, water faucets, swimming pool water, public toys etc. This disease would happen all the year around but especially find more in spring and summer in public places. So it usually easy to outbreaks in kindergarten, school, hospital, factory and so on. The age range of patients are from infants of several months up to eighty even ninety years’ old people. Actually, it’s easy to get but still have way to protect; good health habit would prevent the bacteria or viruses pass through hands to eyes. Please washing hands before dinner and after toilet, pay attention your personal hygiene and make sure of frequently clean, to avoid using hands rubbing your eyes are also very important. In the disease prevalent season, please reduce the times go out to public gatherings and the antiviral eyedrop is also useful after swimming.