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raphael Makayla


Any tips on how to save money at the eye doctor?

Usually the glasses at the eye doctor's are much expensive so that only a small amount of people can afford them.Do you know how to save money when you get your glasses and contacts from your eye doctor?
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  • Jordan may


    There are several tips to help you save money at the eye doctor. 1.Shop around and check prices before choosing one. You'd better choose a local optician who has a good reputation, which are more reliable. 2. You should check what your insurance covers before you go to your eye doctor. 3. You must know what tests you need and refuse to these tests that you don't need them at all. As a result, you can save much money then.
  • Connor nelson


    You don't have to buy your contacts or glasses from your eye doctor. I can just get the prescription, and then shop around for the cheapest one.