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scott Jade


How do you get glasses from other places rather than from your eye doctor?

Sorry, this is an incredibly dumb question. Let's say you see an eye doctor and need to get new glasses. Your doctor directs you to his/her selection of frames. But you want to get your frames made elsewhere, at a store that has a larger selection and far cheaper models available. What do you do? Can you get the lenses made for cheaper at the eyeglass emporium, too? If so, does the doctor give you the prescription details? How does this work?
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  • Jackson owen


    After you get an eye exam from your eye doctor, you just ask for your prescription. Then take your prescription to other optical stores. You can shop around to choose the cheapest place and get your contacts.
  • enycelilmamii


    I know some eye doctors may give your prescription only if you have paid the fee for the eye exam.If so,you can take your prescription to any cheaper places to get your glasses.

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