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rodney Shelby


How can a 15 year old girl get an eye exam from the eye doctor?

My friend is a 15 year old girl who have Pterygiumo inside her eyes, but her parents refuse to take her to see doctor even if she get blind. But she indeed need to see doctor to have an eye exam.Does anyone know how can she have an eye exam from the eye doctor?
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  • Jack murphy


    Since you are a child, you cannot have your eyes tested without a parent or legal guardian. You'd better persuade your parents to take you to see an eye doctor. If they refused, then you can call your state child protective services, and file a complaint against your parents, and the state will arrange for your medical/vision care.
  • Joan


    You can go to ask your doctor whether you can have an eye exam without your parents.If you can't, you can ask the doctor to talk with your parents and persuade your parents to allow you to have an eye exam.