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How long will it take for a swollen eye to heal?

It is boring to got swollen eyes. It makes me look ugly. How long will it take for a swollen eye to heal? Is there anyway i can do to help the heal of my swollen eyes?
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  • Jordan


    It is a common thing to get swollen eyes, there are many reasons to account for the swollen eyes, such as incorrectly use of cosmetics, skin diseases, lack of sleep, drinking too much water before you go to bed, the gesture of sleeping and the incomplete renal function. Massage can promote the blood circulation of ocular muscle, subsiding the swelling effectively. Or apply the ice bag onto your eyes for three to five minutes to help apocatastasis by contracting the blood vessel. The cooling black tea also works because tannic acid contained is a good astringe, but do not apply the tea bag directly on the eyelid, otherwise your eyelid could be dyed yellow and tannic acid irritates the eyes. Also, you can dip the cotton swab in the icy milk and apply it onto the eye. The ultimate way of subsiding the eye swelling is not to drink much water before you go to bed. Meanwhile, do some exercises in normal times to ensure the blood circulation unblocked.
  • Gabriella rodney


    Swollen part of eyes consists of extra water and fat and other substance cumulated under eyes. It happens to everybody, especially when getting up in the morning. It forms at night when metabolism slows down and blood circulation is also slow. It is easy to heal. After you get up from the bed and start your daily activity, the circulation will be faster and take away the cumulated swelling soon. If you want to accelerate that, you may put warm towel on your eyes. Heat temperature will promote the action of blood so as to smooth your swelling soon. This is the common situation. If you have swollen eyes for a long time, you may do some massage to help. Touch your cheekbone with finger. You will find there is a hollow point on each side. Massage there for four eight everyday. It will release the swelling. If all these methods do not work, get plastic surgery.
  • walkerpaul


    Well, it seems that you have got a problem, actually a lot of people have got the same headache with you. Generally speaking, it is not a serious problem, but you should follow my advice. Try to find a used red tea bag and put in on your swollen eyes. Or you can try to find some cold milk in a bag to put on your eyes. Then, you need to get some good sleep but do not drink before sleeping. Hope you recover as soon as possible.

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