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Jackson rose


Where are adidas sunglasses made?

Is there anyone who can tell me where are Adidas sunglasses made? Are they made in America ?
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  • Michael?griffin


    Well, that depends on where you are going to buy them. Generally speaking, Adidas sunglasses are made in the country in which you are going to buy. For, example, if you are gonna buy them in America, then they are very likely made in America. But sometimes they are made in some countries whose labor is relatively cheaper, such as Indonesia, Vietnam. However, most of them are made in America, since they are not easily made. My advice for you is to check the country of origin before you buy them.
  • Adam peters


    The brand of Adidas is from America. As the recent most popular sports series sunglasses, Adidas sunglasses receive great welcome among the young people. The design of them is fashionable. The quality is good and durable. Some of them are made in the developing countries, such as China, Vietnam.

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