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Does anyone know who makes burberry sunglasses?

Burberry sunglasses look amazing. Does anyone know who makes burberry sunglasses?
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  • Victor


    It is Luxottica makes the burberry sunglasses. The burberry sunglasses really look amazing from the design. It is the luxurious brand which receives a lot of popularity among the women. However, the burberry sunglasses are also suitable for the men. Whatever from the quality and the design, the burberry sunglasses are so good and perfect.
  • equine_world


    Burberry is a famous fashion sunglasses brands made by Luxottica. And i like burberry sunglasses, too. I think burberry sunglasses are generous for both men and women. But they are a little bit expensive. If you want to get a pair, you can have a look at their websites:
  • coulisse_16


    Burberry sunglasses are made by Thomas Burberry in 1856. Burberry sunglasses are sunglasses band as a national treasure in England. They are of good quality and they deserve the prices. You can buy them in shops or online. I recommend you to go to " ". You can buy sunglasses you like. Don't hesitate and take action right now.
  • Rachel kim


    Hi I've been looking around for some high quality Burberry sunglasses for our coming summer, and found that this shop is running a big promotion, see: Got myself a nice pair at a really good price. Free P P too which makes it even better.