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Does anyone know how to remove hereditary eye bags?

I guess my eye bags must come from hereditary since my parents have eye bags, too. And my eye bags are with me for many years. Is there any way to remove it?
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  • Sara nelson


    Eye bags are palpebra inferior edema. As skin under eyes is the weakest among the entire skin of human body and it bears a large amount of exercise, thousands of blinking everyday, it ages and sags easily. Additionally, there are many other reasons of eye bags and heredity is one of the most important factors. By now, the most effective method to remove eye bags is plastic surgery. With modern technology, the surgery is resentful and safe with invisible wound. Besides that, people claim there are some tips. I will tell two as reference. First is to put sliced white ground on eyes for about 15 minutes. As white ground helps detumescence, it may relief eye bags which are swelling in essence. Second one is massages. Put your finger on your cheekbone, you may feel there is a little tiny hollow on each side. Use your finger to presser there in beat for four eights. Do it every day it may be helpful.
  • Mona


    Firstly, you can rub topical vitamin C on your eye bags. Due to vitamin C helps skin cell regeneration to reduce inflammation and lighten dark areas. Your hereditary eye bags would be less noticeable with regular usage. Then, you can apply a cold compress to dark bags by warping an ice pack in a towel and placing it on the area. Because coolness can reduce swelling and increase circulation to make dark bags less apparent. On the other side, you have to take enough sleep nightly, at least seven hours, to reduce the severity of eye bags. At the same time, you should take a healthy diet by intake adequate nutrients from fresh food. What is more, you should protect your eyes by wearing sunglasses to prevent UV lights to worsen your skin around the hereditary eye bags.