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Degree higher in reading glasses?

I use reading glasses + 1.25 and am not able to see very small details ... I went to the optician and he thinks that 1.25 is still good for me. But he ordered that the 1.5 will give me a little more vision ... are there someone uses some glasses with a slightly higher level? is what looks good? else if I send this to a new progressive lens that will not affect view the details?
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  • 04/14/2012

    Hi! It depends from person to person, many find that only 0.25 have no difference, but some people are more sensitive. You can make a multifocal glasses yes, but the peripheral vision , cuz it will be somewhat distorted because of astigmatism (distortion) that all sides have multifocal, but some have less, others more. If you wear glasses only for reading it, away you do not need glasses, you can make an intermediate glasses with lenses. It means having the middle ground and near, more free from distortion and wider fields. This lens is ideal for people who work very closely with the vision (eg architect, asrtista plastic).
  • Melissa garcia


    Why not have your eyesight checked again? The optometrist will give you a new prescription that can help you see very small details clearly. I won't suggest you to change the prescription by yourself. Wearing a stronger prescription may cause headaches though you may get used to the glasses as time passes by.
  • Nathan


    Why do you want to see very small details clearly? I think it can be very good if you can use them to read a book or see the letters on the medical bottles clearly. If your prescription is too stronger, it is not good for your eyes. You may suffer from headaches or even vomit.
  • Katelyn


    I think there won't be big difference. Usually senior citizens only put on their reading glasses when they want to read or see something in the near distance clearly. They won't wear them for a whole day, so you can wear them as long as you can see things clearly and won't suffer from headaches. I suggest you to have a try before asking the optician to make the glasses for you. There is a pair of special glasses which have separate frame and lenses. Opticians often ask the customers to wear them for half an hour to see whether the degrees are suitable for vision correction or not. If you suffer from headaches or even vomit after that trial wearing, you'd better choose +1.25. Hope this helped!
  • Andrew Rabinowitz


    I have changed my prescription by myself. I have my eyesight checked in an optical shop. There are some equipments to test my eyesight. I got a piece of regular prescription. it can be used for regular prescription glasses. But I want to buy a pair of computer glasses. I don't know whether this prescription works for computer glasses or not. The optician told me that she will make computer glasses for me if I bought this prescription with me next time because she can change the prescription to make a pair of computer glasses for me. I know that she didn't want to give me a prescription for computer glasses. So I didn't return to her optical shop. But I bought a pair of prescription glasses with this prescription online. The degrees are a little stronger than I want so I changed the prescription to order a pair of computer glasses.
  • califractal


    Degree higher in reading glasses is not good for our eyes and it is also not good for vision correction. But in my opinion, o.25 is will not do great damage to your eyes if you often use your reading glasses to view very small details.