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Reading glasses lower part, upper part neutral?

Hello, Is it possible to have reading glasses in the bottom of the glass and have a neutral glass in the upper part? To avoid constantly having to remove the glasses and putting them back. I add that I did not need progressive pair . Thanks for your help!
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  • Andrew Rabinowitz


    Surely you can have your glasses like that . It is called the bifocal reading glasses . They are perfect for those who need reading glasses, but also require the regular correction glasses. With Bifocal reading glasses ,you no longer have to swap between regular glasses and reading glasses to read or see fine details
  • Austin shelley


    Can't follow you. What do you mean by having reading glasses in the bottom of the glass and having a neutral glass in the upper part? If you have both myopia and presbyopia, and you want to correct both myopia and presbyopia with a pair of glasses, they must be a pair of bifocal glasses or progressive glasses. There will be at least two pairs of focus on the lenses. Usually the upper pair of focus can help people to see things in the distance clearly and the lower pair of focus is used for reading.
  • Kimberly


    There is a kind of glasses that can meet your demands. I heard that they can help people see things in the distance an in the nearby and even in the middle distance clearly. If you need a pair of that kind of glasses, I suggest you to have your eyesight checked by your eye doctor immediately and get a piece of prescription. And then you can buy a pair of that kind of glasses with your prescription.