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Is it bad to put reading glasses when not needed?

If it messes up the eyes of those who do not need it, why should it be different to those who use them because they need it.
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  • Elvis Presley


    Of course it will do no good to your eyes if you don't need them . You could get a headache and feel blurry with them. Reading glasses are usually used by people who are over 40 may with presbyopia and can't focus on things close up with clarity and ease. The magnification allows wearers to read and focus on items that are out of focus,thus it can make a difference between people who need it and those not .
  • Dr Lee Eye Center Pinetop, Arizona


    There are a lot of factors that determine potential harm from wearing reading glasses you don't need or do not match your eyes. Some individuals that wear non-prescribe Creaders often do so using the wrong power. If too much power is used, and used often, it can decrease the person's natural power to focus. At the Dr Lee Eye Center we have many individuals (typically the 44 y/o male) who has worn Cdime-store readers that were too strong and now their eyes focus like a 60 y/o.
  • Linda


    It is bad for your eyes if you don't have presbyopia while you put on a pair of reading glasses. You may suffer from headaches or even vomit. Why do they mess up the eyes? Let me explain it in this way. If you have big feet while you buy a pair of shoes with small size, you won't feel comfortable after you wear them. If you don't have any vision problems, your eyes won't feel comfortable after you wear a pair of reading glasses. I hope you can understand this.
  • Dylan


    LOL...I didn't mean to irritate you but it is so easy to understand this. You don't have any vision problems so you don't need to wear a pair of reading glasses. If you persist on wearing them, you may get headaches or even vomit and you will damage your eyes for the long run. But to those who have vision problems, they need a pair of prescription glasses to help correct their vision problems, so they can see things clearly and suffer from less eye fatigue.