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Melissa duncan


How Can I Remove Under Eye Dark Circles ?

I have heavy under eye dark circles. It is so ugly. Can you tell me how to remove them?
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  • consilium_capit


    I often use cucumber to remove under eye dark circles. The cucumber can whiten our skin. You can chill the cucumber for several minutes and then apply on your eyes. The coolness can remove puffiness too. However the effect brings by cucumber can't last too long. If you want to remove eye dark circles forever, you'd better keep a healthy life style.
  • cnpriest


    I often use make up to cover my under eye dark circles. If you want to remove under eye dark circles immediately, I suggest you to use this way. Under eye dark circles can be caused by lack of sleep for a long period. If we want to remove under eye dark circles, it would take us a lot of time to take good care of the skins under our eyes.

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