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Alexandria taylor


Can cigarette smoke cause irritated eyes?

My dad often smoke and my eyes are irritated. Are my eyes irritated from cigarette smoke?
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  • george


    Yes, it can cause eye irritation if smoking extreme cigarettes. Normally, the eye can be irritated by bacteria, viruses and other foreign materials. There are many caused of eye irritation. In general, you would feel pain when opening your eyes that lead to eye irritation. Some harmful materials would get into your eyes, and stay on the eyelid when you're smoking or someone else is smoking around you. Blinking eyes can avoid harmful materials to enter eyes. However, it would be useless if there are a large amount of harmful materials once pass your eyes. Hence, you had better quit smoke to avoid eye irritation and keep health.
  • Sara


    Of course, the answer is YES! Though you didn't smoke, your eyes irritated from cigarette smoke. The direct effect of smelling your dad's smoke is leading to your visual loss. We called this "tobacco amblyopia", which is regarded as the most common hazards of smoking on the eye. Now the question is why the cigarette smoke will cause the irritated eyes. On the one hand, you smoke the smells of cigarette from your dad, the oxygen in your body was consumed, which lead the blood-oxygen content in your body to decline. And your retina is allergic to lack of oxygen. If this condition goes on, the optic nerve fiber will be affected. The eyes get irritated. On the other hand, the tobacco tar produced by one's addiction to the smoke will make the vitamin B decrease directly. As we know, vitamin B12 is never an unnecessary part of nutrition that maintains the optic nerve to work normally. Both of these two aspects affect your eye irritation. Besides, based on some data, we know that the more smells of cigarette people smoke the more risk of getting the cataract and even becoming blind, especially for those with glaucoma. Therefore, if your eyes have already irritated from cigarette smoke, you should get far away from the smells of cigarette smoke as soon as possible. And pay attention to quit smoking yourself try your best. That’s the brilliant way to protect your eyes.

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