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Does sleeping help pink eye?

Is sleeping good for my pink eyes? Can sleeping help the recovery of pink eyes?
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  • Benji


    Yes, the sleeping will help the recovery of the pink eyes. The pink eyes can be contagious. Thus, you'd better stay at home. You should keep notice on many aspects. You could not drink or smoke. The sleeping will make you have the good rest for the eyes which will make the pink eyes get well quickly.
  • Austin


    Well, yes, in some degree, sleeping can do a good job to your pink eyes. As we know that it is an inflammation of the conjunctiva, and it occurs, when the tissue lines the inside of the eyelid. Generally speaking, pink eyes can be caused by some virus, bacteria. When it occurs, your eyes will be red, itchy, and even bloodshot. In some cases, being around a person who has conjunctivitis and wearing contact lenses may increase your risk of getting conjunctivitis. In my opinion, have a good sleep can be helpful for your pink eyes. Also, you need to take some eye drops.
  • Theresa M


    Yes, I think so. Sleeping is good for pink eye. Sleeping could help recovery because during sleeping, your eyes can have a rest. We all have such experience that when we have pink eye, we feel pain in eyes and increased sensitivity to light. So the ophthalmologist would suggest you to have rest as much as possible so that your eyes could have a good rest too. No more exposure to light, no more painful feeling is caused. Wash your hands thoroughly to ensure your hands will not bring more bacteria to your eyes. You could apply some warm and moist compress on eyes, but remember to use different compress for each eye. You can apply some home remedies as eye drops to help clean and moisturizing eyes, which could help reduce discharge and infection.