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Does penicillin help pink eye?

Can i use penicillin to help pink eyes? Does it really work? Or it will make pink eyes more serious?
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    You'd better not use the penicillin to help your pink eyes because of the irritability. Although the penicillin has the ability to kill the bacterium, some people still don't adapt to them. You could use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to cure the pink eyes. You should keep on using it every day. And your pink eyes could get well soon.
  • Bob Witek


    Yes, penicillin can help control the infection and inflammation of bacterial conjunctivitis. Penicillin is a widely used antibiotics medication, which is the first drug in the world that could effectively fight against bacteria. There are three types of conjunctivitis, bacterial, viral and allergic conjunctivitis. As to allergy triggered conjunctivitis, what you should do is get away from irritant. Once the allergen is removed and the allergy is treated, your pink eye could get much better without any other treatment. As to viral conjunctivitis, use salt solution to wash your eye is enough. As to bacteria conjunctivitis, you could apply some penicillin ophthalmic ointment to help relieve the pain, redness and discharge. Don't wear contact lenses when you have conjunctivitis, which could make the condition even worse.
  • Adam


    Well, sometimes this kind of disease could be really annoying and could bring a lot of pain and inconvenience to us. So we need to tackle it before it is too late. Actually penicillin could of course cure pink eyes, normally. It works, but it would be better if you try to get some other antibiotic eye drops at the same time under the doctors' advice.