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Robert Potter


Does baby shampoo help pink eye?

I heard somebody say that baby shampoo is good to treat pink eyes. It sounds crazy. Anyway, Is that true?
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  • cun_yin


    Well, I do not think so. According to some experts, it can not help to treat pink eyes. As we know that pink eyes are usually caused by irritants, bacteria. And when you get it, your eyes will be red, bloodshot. To treat it, you can just have some ice under your eyes, and also, some cool teabag can be effective too. By the way, the artificial eye drops can be used too. Anyway, you can have a try.
  • Derek T.


    It really sounds crazy. The baby shampoo will not treat the pink eyes. The pink eyes should be treated with eye drops with anti-inflammation. You could use the medical treatment to cure your pink eyes to make the eyes feel comfortable. In addition, you should keep notice of your diet every day. You should not smoke or drink.
  • Mackenzie raphael


    Yes, it is indeed true, although it sounds too crazy. Your doctor might give you such suggestion too. Don't worry, and just follow the instruction. Baby shampoo can help conjunctivitis which is infected by virus. First all baby shampoo is not irritating and very mild, because it is especially formulated to the PH of eyes. Secondly it can help clean eyes, washing the secretion out. This is very useful for viral conjunctivitis as well as bacterial conjunctivitis. Another good home remedy for viral conjunctivitis is salt solution. The two remedies work in the same way, washing eyes out of virus. At the same time, baby shampoo can also help blepharitis. Some nurse said baby shampoo is far better than other antibiotics. So you can have a try. Whether you dilute the shampoo with water or not doesn't matter. Suggested by some recourse that put a cotton ball soaked with warm shampoo-water solution would sooth your eyes and make you feel much more comfortable.