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If you have ordered eyeglasses online, what was your experience?

How did you know what size frames to get? Were you satisfied with your eyeglasses?
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  • 04/14/2012

    I go to my eye doctor to get my frame size. I like plastic frames which are very good to use and they are in style all the time. Recently I ordered a new pair of glasses of plastic frames online. It looks nice on me. I've got it from here: You can go there for a look, they have a large range of plastic frames of glasses. Hope this can help you a lot.
  • walkinginlight


    When we order eyeglasses online, we should know the prescription, PD and the frame size. I got a pair of full framed eyeglasses online several months ago. I am very satisfied with them. They look good on me and they fit me correctly. If you want to order eyeglasses online, you can get you PD, prescription and frame size from your eye doctor.
  • Allison leslie


    I just bought a pair of computer glasses online last month. It cost me nearly $100. I had used my old prescription glasses for almost 3 years. My sister suggested me to have an eye test in an optical shop. Of course they will not do this for free. But if you want to get free eye exams, you could have it at walmart vision center. Sometimes there are free eye exam. I measured the size of my old glasses and ordered a pair of glasses that have the similar size with my old glasses. And there are online services. You can chat with a person there. You can tell him or her the information of your glasses. Or sometimes, you may need to input the information of your glasses and then they can make glasses that are suitable for you. Hope this helped. Plus, I am quite satisfied with the glasses.
  • cody88


    First, I log in to choose a pair of glasses that attracted me. Second, I viewed the information of this pair of glasses to see whether they were fit for me or not. Third, I had a look about all the views of this pair of glasses. Fourth, I uploaded my photos to see whether this pair of glasses fitted for my face shape or not. And then I placed my order. The steps are quite easy.
  • electriikheartx


    well, if it is the first time you buy something online, you can chat with the customer service staff online or just send email directly to ask them how to place an order on their website, I think they will be kind and helpful in this point because every company want to make profit and please their new customers and maintain a healthy relationships. Good luck!
  • CM1013


    For a first time purchase, very disappointed on how slow they are with updating the process of my glasses. On top of that the lenses they received were first good, but were actually defective. Now I have to wait another week for the lenses to be made. So I've been calling to see if I could request a refund through the phone, but no one picks up. I will never order through firmoo again. Why is it so hard to reach someone when calling them? Next time, I'll stick with

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