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Why do i get pink eye all the time?

It is so strange. My eyes always appear red. My friend said it maybe pink eyes. Why? Why do i get it all the time? How can i remove it?
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  • charles


    Are you sure it is pink eye? Redness is a typical symptom of pink eye, yet there is other possiblities that your eyes might be red. Normally the blood vessles in eyes are invisible, but once they are irritated and dilated, they become visible and you will find them red. In this situation, your eyes are red but they are not pink eyes. Pink eye refers to inflammation of conjunctivia caused by baterial or viral infection or allergic reaction. Patients with pink eye would have watery eyes, grittiness and pain in eyes, increased sensitivity to light and possible secretion, while only irritated or dilated blood vessles in eyes won't cause the photophobia, secretion and pain. You can check your symptoms and compare if you are really having pink eye. To prevent pink eye, you need to pay more attention on hygiene of eyes. Never rub eyes with dirty hands. Don't share towel with others. If you wear contact lenses, follow closely what the wearing instruction tells you to do.
  • david


    You'd better get an eye check first by a doctor. In fact, not all eyes appearing red is pink eyes. Some people just get tired eyes or eye strain. And if you rub your eyes too much, it may also cause eyes red. And usually, people with pink eyes will go away after a week. So, i believe you that you are not suffered from pink eyes. Just visit a doctor right now. Good luck.
  • charming_qtee


    Well, in my opinion, you get pink eye all the time and it can be related to the irritation in your eyes. And in most cases, pink eyes can be normal and annoying for many people, and when it occurs, your eyes will turn to red, bloodshot. And it can be caused by infection. For your situation, you can just try the chamomile tea, and just put cooled, chamomile tea bags on the eyes for 5 to 20 minutes. And that can be effective for your pink eyes in a long term. Also, for pink eyes, you need to wear eye patch to stay away from irritants, virus, and bacteria. Anyway, just be careful about it.