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Alexia gerard


Why do i have dry eyes all the time?

In recent day, i have dry eyes all the time. Why? What can i do to help my eyes?
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  • Anthony gary


    There are some possibilities leading to eye dryness syndrome. It refers to deficient tear production or excessive tear evaporation or drainage. Some patients experienced eye dryness for quite a long time. If working in a room with air conditioning on all the time, it is likely to have dry eyes too. To treat the dryness, you need to know what caused it. However, there are some general remedies to relieve the dryness. You can apply some warm compress on eyes to help the tear production. You use the saline water as eye drops to help moisturize eyes. If you need to work in the room with air conditioning on, you 'd better to have a humidifier to add moist in the air. Don't prolong the working time of eyes, especially in front of a computer. Take frequent breaks to relax eyes. Eye exercises or massages are recommended to help promote the blood circulation around eyes. Have a light diet with fresh vegetables and fruits. The easiest and cheapest way is to drink enough water every day to make sure the essential water supply to body.
  • Cassidy bell


    There are many causes that can lead to dry eyes. In details, dry eyes can caused by the situations that dry out the tear film. This can be due to environment such the dry air condition and heat environmental. Still, aging cause also cause dry eyes. Besides, some side effects of drugs and lasik eye surgery can also lead to dry eyes. In addition, long time seeing computer screen, books, TV screen can also make your eyes dry. So, you shall know what causes it so as to treat it in the right way. Anyway, eye drops are helpful for people with dry eyes.
  • george


    I can see that you have got some trouble recently, dry eyes could be generated by a lot of reasons, such as a lack of sleep, less blink of eyes, or some infections with your eyes. If you constantly have dry eyes, then you should figure out what precisely resulted in that problem. Here I got some advice for you. First of all, try to blink more and get sufficient water. Second, try to have breaks during business hours or entertainment hours. Also, try to get a healthier diet and take some vitamin pills. If the problem does not change, then a doctor would be necessary.

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