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James green


Can pink eye damage your eyesight?

I feel so bad to suffer pink eyes. I have poor eyesight. I really worry about my eyes. Will pink eyes make my eyesight more serious?
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  • Luke shelley


    It is true that pink eyes could make you suffer a loss of vision, and make you have blurred vision from time to time. Of course with the deterioration of your pink eyes, your vision could be worse. So, it would be wise of you to cure your pink eyes and take advice from the doctor. Also, try to pay attention to your diet and your habits.
  • Alexa joyce


    Pink eye is called conjunctivitis too, referring to the inflammation of conjunctiva, the clear transparent covering on eyes and inside of eyelids. It would bring redness, grittiness, increased sensivity to light, watery eyes and pain in eyes. During this period, your vision might get blurry, but as long as you healed, the blurry vision wouldnot linger any longer. It will not bring permanent damages to your vision. In most cases, warm compress could help healing of conjunctivitis. So I think you should apply warm saline compress now to help clear the inflammation and infection. Normally it takes a few days to heal up. But long term inflammation might lead to more serious problem, so it is better to treat your pink eye from now on.
  • Benjamin gary


    Pink eyes usually caused by infection. People with pink eyes may suffer blurred vision, eye pain, watering eyes, itchy eyes, redness in the eyes and sensitive to light. But i never see that pink eyes can damage the eyesight. To treat it, you can use Antibiotic medication, usually eye drops, to help the eyes. After you cured it, to avoid pink eyes, you shall not share your eye cosmetics to others.

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