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Gabriel leonard


Can you wear mascara with glasses?

Can i apply mascara when i wear glasses? Or it is bad for my eyes? How?
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  • Desiree


    The answer is absolutely yes, your can surely apply mascara when you wear glasses. But after you brush on mascara, you should not wear glasses untill it becomes dry. Besides, most of the lenses will narrow the size of the eyes, so when you apply mascara, it should be concentrated and more than normal. Use eyebrow pencil to deep the color of them, and do not use a very light color, because it would not be coordinated. Only by this way, your eyes will seem to be charmming when your wear glasses.
  • Connor


    Yes, I often make up with mascara. and then wear my eyeglasses. It is Ok for me. I also read some article online that not suggest wearing mascara when you are with eyeglasses. They said that apply mascara can make the eyelashes longer that may contact the eyeglasses lenses to dirty your eyeglasses, thus to affect your vision. Maybe my eyelashes are too short, even if i apply mascara, my eyelashes are not long enough to touch my eyeglasses lenses. So, it is OK for me to wear mascara with glasses.
  • Bernice


    Yes, you could apply mascara when you wear glasses. If you apply it suitably with no additional ones sticky on the eyes surrounding or inner parts, it will not be bad for your eyes. This eye makeup will make you look big at the eyes. Your eyes will show attractive side when you apply mascara. You will look beautiful at the eyes.

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