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What do close set eyes look like?

I never seen people with close set eyes. So, i just wondering if people with close set eyes look like. Any idea?
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  • elizabethandzoe


    As a matter of fact, a close set eyes just means the distance between two eyeballs is closer than ordinary people. It is true that close set eyes could not be good looking and might make people appear to be weird sometimes. Nevertheless, makeup can still remedy this defect more or less. Extend smoky shadow beyond outer corners to exaggerate them, brush lashes out. All of these can make the eyes seem farther apart. Besides, as far as i am concerned, no matter what kind of eyes, a person will be charming to all the people around her if she is confident and love herself.
  • Collin Wallace


    All right, I think you are very curious about that. Anyway, from what I can see, closely set eyes are not very popular and they simply make people appear to be a little bit weird you know? Let's take Modric for example, who is a football player, he is somehow different from normally set eyes. So, you could get your own summary from pictures on the Internet. But anyway, some people do have those eyes from birthday.

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