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What should i do if i get nail polish in my eye?

When i polish my fingers, a little bit nail polish got into my eyes and then i washed my eyes. What else should i do? Should i see an eye doctor?
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  • Jessica


    Nail polish has a lot of chemical solvents,such as TOL, formaldehyde,phthalate and so on.These chemical solvents are harmful for our bodies.They could break the balance of hormone,harm reproductive health,result in cancerand other dieases. So you must wash your eyes at once when nail polish gets into eyes.And then go to hospital. Someone also stews gingers with alkaline water and uses this kind of water wash eyes when there are irritants into eyes.But is this way right?I do not know.You'd better not to treat your eyes by this way.
  • walkingalone089


    It is too dangerous to have the nail polish in your eyes. Although you have washed your eyes, the nail polish may scratch your corneal which will be difficult to be seen. I suggest you to go see the doctor and have a check, in case of the damage of corneal.
  • fergus


    You can ask someone to use his or her index finger and thumb to pinch the edge of your eyelid gently. And ask him or her to turn over your eyelid to find out the nail and then blow the eye softly . Or you can use a clean and dry handkerchief to clean up the nail. But before doing this, you must make sure that his or her hand is clean. When you finish doing this, your eyes still feel uncomfortable, you should see the doctor.