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Erin rupert


Does anyone know the difference between pink eye and a stye?

My sister got pink eyes yesterday. And today i find there is a lump on my eyelid and it hurts. My dad said that i may get pink eyes just like my sister, however i think i get stye. What is the difference between pink eye and a sty? How can i tell the difference between pink eye and a stye?
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  • garcia


    There exists the big difference between the stye and pink eyes. Commonly known pink eyes is infectious conjunctivitis, also called outbreak. It is an acute infectious eye inflammation. The main character of it is that it can pass the disease to other people through the direct share with one thing, like towel or direct look at each other. However, stye is a kind of developed acute suppurative infection between sebaceous glands and meibomian gland. The stye is often happened in the young people which are so stubborn and easy to relapse. In the serious situation, it can leave the scar which should be careful dealt with.
  • b3autyqu33n22


    A style and pink eyes can caused by infection and can cause red look. But they are different. Usually, a stye usually cause red of the eyelid because of blocked secretory glands. But the pink eyes can cause the inner surface of the eyelids ans the outermost layer of the eye appearing red. Hope this can help you.
  • Melissa duncan


    Pink eye is also known as conjunctivitis, which is a common eye disorder that caused by infection or allergy. It would make your surface of eyes become red. There is no any substantial pain or visual change in the usual mild case. Eye stye is described as chalazia, which means inflammation of skin glands in the eyelid, as acne of the eyelid. It would make your eyelid become swelling and red, and the center of tendeness and irritation is in the eyelid.
  • walking_lives_


    Pink eyes always appear in spring or summer.This disease os caused by staphylococcus and diplococcus pneumoniae. Pink-eye disease patients feel foreign body sensation or burning sensation, photophobia , tears, conjunctival congestion.And there are too much secretion,mucous or mucopurulent. Stye is also caused by staphylococcus.It is divided into two kinds: inside stye and outside stye.At the early days of stye,patients feel small pain and around eyes appear little red and swollen, then become circumscribed induration. Induration of some patients could be healed, but for some patients, induration may become chalazion. How to prevent pink eye or stye? Do not rub eyes with hands; use your own towels; keep enough sleep and nutrition; don't always eat hot foods, always use guttae sulface in ophthalmopathy popular season and notice eye ministry. Go to hospital when you get pink eye or stye.

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