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Richard Schneider


Why are gucci sunglasses so expensive?

I want to buy sunglasses for my sister as a birthday gift. I know she like gucci stuff and i am thinking about buying gucci sunglasses and then i find they are so expensive. What makes them so expensive? Are they worth the buy?
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  • Hunter jackson


    Well, as we know that Gucci Sunglasses are very famous all around the world because of their perfect design. But on the other hand, they are also more expensive than other types of sunglasses. And in my opinion, maybe you can have one, because they are one of the brands which can give you a perfect vision and fashionable image. On the other hand, it's also important to make sure you have got a real one. There are several tips you can use to judge them. First, you can check for a warranty manufacture card. Authentic Gucci sunglasses always come with it and it has the serial number printed on the card. Second, you can also check the place where the sunglasses were made in the label for all Gucci sunglasses are always made in Italy.
  • kevin


    gucci is cool
  • walker67


    Yeah, the Gucci sunglasses are so expensive that a lot of people can't bear. However, their brand makes a good quality. In addition, the unique design will make you look so cool when wearing. It is worthy to buy. You could also take the Chanel sunglasses into consideration which many girls like this brand.
  • Alexia gerard


    Gucci sunglasses are more than just a pair of sunglasses to shield eyes. They are also considered as fashion accessorizes and luxury goods. So, they are expensive than common sunglasses. Besides, Gucci is the very famous brands which make it become a signs of fashion accessorizes that makes it more expensive than common brand sunglasses.
  • William clive


    Most luxury designer goods are made to high-end quality while embodied the outstanding characteristics of times and national characteristic of a certain periods of times from telling various stories. These successes of excellent luxury goods are attributed to lots of devil's designers. Luxury sunglasses are the same with the other goods, they have very good workmanship; they choose the high quality material and perfect clipping. For the design of these luxury goods, they were all designed by very famous designer. Luxury not only means richness and ornateness, but also it is an artwork. "Working with art makes a brand exciting"(said Gildo Zegna). And every extra penny deserves its value, so most goods have very high quality. Workmanship is basic part of luxury goods. Sometimes the workmanship of luxury goods is breathtaking. When luxury goods came into the world, some people had changed the values of life or change the attitude toward life. It drives many people crazy. People created it, that just in order to bring change to people's lives with beauty, to accept new things and to overthrow the old secular. However, the pursuit of fashion it is not to blindly follow or unrealistically comparison. We must be the master of fashion and luxury other than to be the slave of it.

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