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Where can i buy ice blue colored contact lenses?

I like blue stuff. And now i am going to buy colored contact lenses to make my eyes look better. Speaking of colored contacts, I prefer ice blue contacts. Can you recommend some places for me to get ice blue contacts. Thanks.
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  • Mariah


    If you are going to buy colored contact lenses to make your eyes look better, I suggest you to go to the visionwork to have a look. The quality of contact lenses there is good which can be proved by many customers who have bought before. Since you have the choice for the icy blue contact lenses, you can just go to their online store to look at the price.
  • fergus


    Of course I can give you some advice on where to buy what you look for. Well, as a matter of fact, blue colored contact lenses are really attractive. Personally speaking, they are really gorgeous and charming in appearance. So, currently, you might as well try to visit Amazon, Visionworks, all of them are abundant in various types of contact lenses of different colors in fact. Usually, their prices are not that high since they are just like supermarkets for glasses you know.
  • Chris L.


    It's an easy way to update your look by wearing colored contacts. Ice bule contacts will make people more charming and adorable.You can get ice bule contancts online or in stores.When you select your contacts ,please pay attention to the water content proportion. The higher, the better. And you'd better make sure that your face skin is suitable for ice bule contancts .

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