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Are guess sunglasses uv protected?

Are all guess sunglasses UV protected? Can Guess sunglasses protect my eyes from UV rays and strong light when i stay in sun?
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  • b3autifulxlies


    Yes, all guess sunglasses are uv protected. They will protect your eyes from uv rays and strong sun ights when you stay outside under the sun. They are so fashionable at the design. With the big brand, it is worthy to own one. If you decide to buy one to wear when going outside, you could choose this one.
  • Aaron lewis


    Well yes, guess sunglasses have UV protection and they can protect your eyes from the UV rays and bright sun light. So you do not need worry about them. As we know that Guess Sunglasses have lightweight plastic lenses that ensure 100% UV protection. So you can just wear them when you are going outdoors. They can beneficial for your eyes. Of course, you can buy them on online shop or the real shop, but in my opinion, you can just buy them on online, for the shop can just give some discounts and it can be cheaper than the real ones. For example, you just need 45 dollars to buy one pair.

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