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Can seasonal allergies cause pink eye ?

Is it possible to get pink eyes from seasonal allergies? Why?
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  • chrissyonline


    Yes, it is possible for you to get pink eyes from seasonal allergies. As we know, the pink eyes will be got from the invisible bacterium. Once you get the seasonal allergies, your eyes may be dry easily. At the same time, your dryness of the eyes may affect your redness. The coming invisible bacterium will let you get the contagious pink eyes. You should treat it well.
  • Riley eddy


    Well, yes, seasonal allergies can just cause pink eyes in some degree. Generally speaking, pink eye, is an eye infection which will cause the white of the eye to turn red. And when you suffer seasonal allergies, t will just make your eyes infected. In that way, pink eyes can be possible. At that moment, itching, watering eyes, swollen lids and a thick discharge can be possible. To treat pink eyes, you can just try the chamomile tea, and just put cooled, chamomile tea bags on the eyes for 5 to 20 minutes. Besides, you need to wear eye patch to stay away from irritants, virus, and bacteria. Anyway, just be careful about it.
  • b3autyqu33n22


    As a matter of fact, Pink eyes can be divided into two types, one is infectious causes and the other is noninfectious causes. In general, infectious pink eye can be caused by bacteria and it is highly contagious. Noninfectious pink eye is usually caused by allergy, chemical irritation, inflammatory diseases, and trauma. So it is true that seasonal allergies can lead to pink eyes. It is important to know how to avoid pink eyes in our daily life. Here are some advices: 1: Lead to a sanitary life, remember wash hand carefully and avoid rubbing your eyes with your hands. Wash your hands frequently 2: Avoiding share towels, pillows and glasses with other people. 3: Avoiding making up especially eye shadows. 4: Avoiding wearing contact lenses. 5: Using cold compress on your eyes in order to ease your symptoms. 6: Eye drops may be helpful to your condition.