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Benjamin gary


Are all fossil sunglasses uv protected?

I want to buy Fossi sunglasses. It looks cool. But can they provide UV protection? Are all fossil sunglasses uv protected?
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  • Kevin


    Yes, all fossil sunglasses are owned with the quality of uv protection which you can check from the trademark hang on the frame. They are pretty cool from the design. In addition, the quality is so durable that can be worn for several years. If you want to buy one, you could take this into consideration.
  • Lydia


    Yes, of course, they are UV protected so that they can protect your eyes from the UV rays. And in this way, your eyes will not be hurt by the sun light and the UV rays. Also, you should know that not only is the larger sunglasses better protection for the eyes, it also provides needed protection for surrounding tissue. Fossil sunglasses offer hours more comfort for those exposed to extensively bright light. And they are made in Italy. This also can be a symptom to be used to distinguish the authentic ones. Also, Fossil sunglasses range from $25 to $74. And remember that you should buy a real pair ones. So just take some tips to spot the fake ones. For example, you can check the label, which can be written with the place where they are made. For fossil sunglasses, it can be written with "made in Italy". Also, you can check the warranty. Anyway, just have a try.