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William edward


Is black tea good for pink eye?

Is it good to pink eyes if i drink black tea? How?
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  • Barbara Mellon


    Ok, it seems that you want to cure your pink eyes via drinking black tea. So, good for you. As far as I know, black tea is a good stuff when it comes to treating eye problems, because it would help us relieve our eye strain, improve our vision and help with fatigue. And you could drink it regularly. However, you cannot expect it to cure our disease because it is not a medicine, which could not kill those bacteria or virus, anyway, pink eyes require treatment as well as good living babits and proper use of our eyes.
  • Andrea warren


    Pink eyes is most commonly due to injury, especially eye injury and face injury. Redness in the eyeball and the eyelids is prominent sigh of pink eyes. I think dring black tea may help pink eye, however, black tea bag does really work. You'd better ball black tea bag in hot water with some honey, and then get it out of glasses to put aside to warm. After this, close you eyes and apply it on your infected eyes for five minutes, two times a day and three days later, your pink eye may say goodbye to you. You also can use salted water to heal pink eye in the same way. And you can use cotton bag instead of tea bag. It is also good for your pink eye.
  • hanes3777


    Yes, suitable amount of black tea may be good for your pink eyes because of the quickening role of the blood circulation. Your pink eyes should also be treated through the medical care and good habit of life which will make your recovery get well soon. You should drink more water to make your eyes moisture.