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Arianna walker


What are benefits of milk thistle for eyes?

I heard that milk thistle is good for eyes. But i don't know how. Can you tell me what are the benefits of milk thistle for eyes?
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  • b2sweet16


    It seems that you are going to improve your eyes through getting natural nutritions, so it is true that milk thistle could do good and improve your eye health. The reason is that it could directly benefit our liver, which is connected with our eyes,which has a lot of things to do with our eyes. Also, it contains some vitamins good for our eyes. If you try to protect your eyes in multiple ways, you would be free from eye problems.
  • Dylan


    Yes. Milk thistle can bring benefit for us because they have many marvelous healing properties, especially on the liver. Milk thistle can work to help prevent and treat many health issues related to Liver, Gallbladder and Gallstones, Obesity, Hormone-Related Diseases, Skin, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Unhealthy Lifestyle. Also, Milk thistle can also help people with diabetes to reduce sugar deposition on the eyes. So, milk thistle is good for human beings. Nevertheless, you'd better use it under the guidelines of doctors if you need milk thistle.
  • evelyn12


    There are many benefits of milk thistle for eyes. Milk Thistle has another name. That is Milk Thistle Silybum marianum. The use of Milk Thistle has thousands of years of history. The Milk Thistle can activate the liver protein regeneration, restore the alcohol and virus damage of liver cell activity. In addition, it can still remove free radicals and maintain liver cell membrane permeability. It can also reduce toxin which will damage the liver and protect the liver. The long-term drinking injury with acute or chronic hepatitis will be reduced. The fatty liver cirrhosis and toxic liver damage will be reduced through this milk thistle. It can avoid cholesterol deposit on the vascular wall and cause vascular sclerosis. Therefore, its maintenance is good for high blood pressure. At the same time, using the milk thistle will make your eyes keep moisture and make your eyes look bright. You should take this more.