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Vanessa george


What are the advantages and disadvantages of anti glare glasses?

Would it really help for the dry eyes problem if one works in front of the computer most of the day?
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  • cupidityx


    Advantages: 1. Reduce the glare of oncoming light with the coating results in much clearer vision. 2. Reduce nighttime distortions. 3. Have the benefit of being cosmetically more appealing, with less glare appearing off the lenses. 4.The coating helps anyone's eyes appear more natural and the lenses to look thinner. 5. Relief from fluorescent lighting and computer screen glare. Disadvantages: 1. Add high cost to a pair of glasses, but not covered by many insurance companies. 2.Some consumers do not feel the additional cost is worth the benefits gained. (The effect is not noticeable) Source:
  • chosen_cookie


    You can benefit from anti-glare glasses because it can reduce the glare, so less reflections from your glasses lens can be viewed by people, which make people see your eyes clearly. Anti-glare glasses can also help you see images better and clearer. However, there are disadvantsges here. They are too expensive and hard to clean them.
  • Kevin


    In my opinion, anti-glare glasses can be used for night driving because they can reduce nighttime distortions so as to provide a clear vision for drivers. However, the anti-glare coating will add the weight to the lenses especially for the high prescription lenses, so people will find uncomfortable to wear them all day.