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What are benefits of sea buckthorn oil for eyes?

I heard that sea buckthorn oil can help eyes. Can you tell me what benefits can i get from sea buckthorn oil? Any idea?
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  • exotic_scents


    Yes, the sea buckthorn oil can help the eyes. There are many benefits it gets to our body which will be explained in detail. First of all, it can prevent and cure the disease of heart cerebrovascular through improving the blood circulation. Secondly, the sea buckthorn oil can be used to help treat the diabetes through decreasing the blood sugar in the body. Thirdly, containing the large number vitamin C and E, the sea buckthorn oil can improve the immune system. Fourthly, it has great prevention of the health care on the cancer. Fifthly, it can regenerate the skin which will be helpful for the skin through making the digestion go on well. Thus, the eyes part will be bright. In addition, it can also make the dark circles under the eyes release a lot. In a word, the sea buckthorn oil is really healthy for the body.
  • Logan quick


    Sea buckthorn oil is rich in omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. There is a recent study from the University ofTurku in Finland saying that sea buckthorn may reduce symptoms of dry eye syndrome. What's more, the intake of sea buckthorn oil can attenuate the increase in tear film in cold season. It may also influence the maximum intensity of eyes' redness.
  • Christopher dale


    Sea buckthorn grows in Europe and Asia, and the sea buckthorn oil actually is extracted from the fruit and the seeds of sea buckthorn. Sea buckthorn oil have a great benefits for our human as follows: 1. Seabuckthorn oil contains a lot of nutrition, such as vitamins A, so that it can help our human body improve immune function. 2. The seabuckthorn oil contains some anti-inflammatory substances, which is benecial for gastrointestinal health. 3. It also contains Anti-Cancer Properties which can strengthens the body's resistance to resist cancer. 4. Because of the seabuckthorn oil contains a lot of nutrition, it is also used as cream to decrease winkless.

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