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Why do i have puffy eyes all the time?

I have puffy eyes for about a year. Why? Is there any way that really works on puffy eyes?
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  • walkingwounde_d


    Puffy eye is a type of fluid build-up oedema in the tissues around your eyes, and puffy eyes are a condition where the eyes begin swelling due to different factors. Because the skin around the eyes is very thin and is full of blood vessels which make it very sensitive. Puffy eyes are resulted by many things, such as eating too much salty foods at night, insufficient sleep and even yawning. Usually puffy eyes will go away after some easy treatments done at home. You can wash your eyes with ice cold water to refresh your eyes. Try to limit sodium intake, and drink less water before sleep. Place two slices of cool cucumber or cool tea bags on the eyes for several minutes. Try a soothing eye cream with aloe and vitamin E, which can be applied to the eyes. However, for allergies and puffy eyes, you should find out the reasons while sue these tricks at home. However, if your puffy eyes are accompanied by pain, discomfort, blurry vision, or other symptoms that may require examination by an eye care professional, you should consult the doctor immediately.
  • handsome_fuck


    Your puffy eyes must still get the eyes infection which needs to be got rid of with the medical care or other things. You could use the warm compress to release the puffy eyes. You should keep on doing this. In addition, you could also keep on using the eyes drops to make the puffy eyes release. You'd better not eat the spicy food which will stimulate your eyes skin.