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Do glasses get in the way of kissing?

Do you have experience of kissing with eyeglasses? I was just wondering if glasses get in the way when you try to kiss someone?
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  • walkingaround


    Generally, glasses don't get in the way when you are kissing. If only one of you is wearing glasses, it's hardly ever a problem. If both of you are wearing glasses, kissing can also be done quite easily. Some people regard glasses as sexy and beautiful, and regard glasses being part of themselves for living in a nice symbiotic relationship for more than a decades, and they love to wear glasses without taking off when kissing. However, if you're worried about glasses may block your way, there are some tips for you to avoid the embarrassment. You can tilt your head slightly to one side, if you want to wear glasses to see clear your partner's beautiful face. You can always tilt your head to the side to kiss. Tilting trick will work best for you when you kissing with glasses. However, if you are still worry about glasses may get in your way of kissing, you may just take it off and put them aside, and you can choose to wear contact lenses. Contact lenses are comfy and all but nothing can get in the way of kissing.
  • Christopher dale


    Yes, the glasses will of course get in the way when you try to kiss with each other. However, you could choose the right position to kiss each other, like using the way of crossed ones. I suggest you to take off the glasses when you kiss in case of the scratch by the frame of the eyeglasses.


    No, glasses don't get in the way of kissing. Because most people close their eyes when they are kissing and what's more, you can put off your glasses too. So you don't need to worry too much. If you think wearing glasses will brother you when you are kissing, you can choose contact lenses instead.