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What are activities limitations for people with a PVD?

is there any activities limitation for people with a PVD?
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  • cupidityx


    People with PVD care about is there are limitations for their activities. But till know, there is no evidence to suggest stopping certain activities will prevent or delay your PVD turning into a retinal tear. So, you can still enjoy any kind of activities you want to enjoy. But if you find that the activities that you engaged in make your floaters more noticeable, you'd better choose quit the activities until the floaters calm down. Anyway, you'd better ask your ophthalmologist who will give you the best suggestions.
  • Jen


    There is no limitations on the activities for people who have a PVD. You can do strenuous exercise or jarring exercises or play contact sports, such as rugby, martial arts or boxing and extreme sports, such as bungee jumping without any problems with your PVD. Moreover, you can do daily activities such as walking, gentle exercising, reading, watching TV and using your computer. No evidance has showed that avy of these activities will make your PVD even worse.