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What does it mean if the whites of my eyes are blue?

I have the blue tint in my both eyes and i don't feel anything abnormal. I can still see fine. What does this mean?
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  • ellochkablecy


    If the whites of your eyes are blue, you'd better go to see a doctor to find the exact reason that cause blue sclera because there are many causes for this problem. Blue sclera occurs because of thinness and loss of water content and it is associated with some problems. Sometimes it has something to do with high urine excretion. The blue sclera sometimes means skeletal disorders. Whatever it means, you should go to see the doctor to have a comprehensive exam.
  • amanda


    It is hard to tell because there are several reason can cause the blue sclera. In details, Blue there are sclera in your eyes that means the thinness and loss of water content that allow underlying dark choroid to be seen. In details, it may associated with high urine excretion, skeletal disorders or some problems about Ocular, as well as miscellaneous problems such as Ehlers-Danlos syndrome (fibrodysplasia elastica generalisata) Goltz syndrome or (focal dermal hypoplasia syndrome) and more. So, you'd better visit eye doctor so as to know what really happen to your eyes.

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