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Can lasik correct color blindness?

I'm slightly colorblind and can't distinguish colors that are in the same family. I am also nearsighted. If i get lasik surgery, will it help with my color blindness?
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  • Andrew hill


    It just depends on the causes of color blindness. If the color blindness is caused by eye problem or disease, it is can be treated by a specialized type of eye surgery which can be used to correct color blindness. However, some types of color blindness cannot be corrected If it has nothing to do with the eye problem but the problem with the brain. So you should go to see our doctor to have your eyes checked to see whether your color blindness is caused by eye problems or problems with brain.
  • b3aut1fulfr3ak7


    Different from some vision problems, color blindness is a problem with the retinal receptors in the back of the eyes. That is to say, LASIK surgery can't help you with your color blindness. Anyway, don't worry, there is plenty of hope for the future though there are fixes for color blindness yet right now. Anyway, you still can see beautiful things through your eyes. Good luck.