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How to keep contact lenses from ripping?

I want to take care of my contacts because my contacts often rip. How can i keep contacts from ripping?
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  • Theron


    First of all, make sure that you don't have long finger nails because when you pull your contact lenses out, your nails may nick and tear them. Remember not to pinch from the center of the contacts to remove and you can use re-wetting drops prior to removal. Secondly, rubbing is quite important. Do not use medical instrument cleaning, try rubbing in small circles instead of back and forth. Large circles pull on the contacts and stretch them, but small circle over one third of the contacts is ok. Thirdly, the lens case must be produced by a standard vender and make sure that lens cases are full of no rub solution in order that contacts wouldn’t adhere to the case, be careful how you store them so that they are away from where the lid screws on.
  • Arianna walker


    As we know, we should rub the contact lenses with solution before we put them into the solution to soap. However, you should rub it gently with little strength. Or else, too thin contact lenses may be ripped. And you should not let the contact lenses be in the dry state which will cause the contact lenses to be ripped.
  • Angela


    If your contact lenses are often ripping when you wear it, just try to use an eye drop which can be used for people wearing contact lenses. The eye drop can keep your eyes moist, thus to help your keep the contact lenses in the right place and reduce the chance of ripping due to being dry. If this doesn't work, you'd better return to your optician and ask the optician to recommend your different type of lenses.
  • Angelica


    Take care of your contacts, and never use the ripped ones, because that will damage your eyes even hurt! How to prevent the ripping happen? Firstly, keep it stay in the solution box with full of contact solution immerse. You know when it lack of humidity, it will become crisp and hard, it will be easy to broken. Secondly, often clip your nail, pay attention not to use the nail to scratch the contact when you put it on or pick it up from your eyes. Thirdly, once the contact has not stay in your eyes, please keep it in the solution, the more humidity of the contact, the flexible of the surface of contact. The last one, take care when you close the contact box, the cover of the box may rub to the contact to make it hurt. Finally, you can use one-day throw contacts if you really very easy to broke the contacts.